Galleri Hammar was established in 2023 by contemporary artists Tomas Hammar and Mimmi Hammar, who shared a common aspiration of owning their own gallery and collaborating with other artists in a novel setting. The genesis of this idea dates back to 2017, when Tomas was in the beginning of his artistic journey, and the onset of the pandemic further strengthened their ambition to create an alternative space for artists to showcase their work. In May 2023, Galleri Hammar opened its doors to visitors at Rörstrandsgatan 28, and welcomes guests during business hours or by appointment.

Our vision at Galleri Hammar is to encourage an innovative, inclusive, non-conventional, and accessible art space. We strive to provide our visitors with a modern and relaxed environment to explore the artists' works from their perspective, unlike traditional art galleries. Our objective is to cultivate long-standing relationships with our costumers by engaging in meaningful conversations and forging genuine connections. We aspire to create communities around our artists and their values and showcase their individual narratives, transcending the role of a conventional gallery.

At Galleri Hammar, we showcase a broad spectrum of Scandinavian art from both emerging and established artists. Our visitors can enjoy all the artwork on display at the gallery, online, and various art fairs. We are passionate about discovering contemporary artists whose work challenges, empowers, and inspires us. Our platform provides a unique opportunity to bring their distinctive work to the public's consciousness.

Tomas and Mimmi, prior to embarking on their art careers, accrued extensive experience in distinct professional domains. Tomas devoted over two decades of his career to photography and TV-productions while Mimmi served in Human Resources for nearly 10 years. Their respective backgrounds continue to prove advantageous in their current roles as gallerists and artists.