Wild & Alive 80x100cm 28.000 ink ram2 2000pix



"An artwork should evoke emotions," says Karin.

She explores in her creative work, exploring what it means to be human in our world. The motifs are about human strength, daring, and trust, and she is inspired by wild animals and a love to preserve them after she was an exchange student and visited Kruger Park in South Africa.

Karin is constantly evolving and doesn't stop until the feeling is there. The motifs shift depending on the focus and the environment. It is rather the colors, impulses, the direct feeling, and the power that you recognize Karin's style by. She calls it figuratively abstract, "An artwork should not be too finished, it should continue with the viewer, like a book you read and create your own images to," she says. Thanks to the many layers of colors, a sculpting painting where the colors are worked together, they never become intrusive but leave a harmonious yet strong expression.

A life crisis took Karin deeper into painting and made her start taking her passion seriously. She has received great attention for her expression both in Sweden and abroad and exhibited in Paris, Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam, Milan, and Brussels. She has been living full-time off her painting since 2016, showing her art on TV, donating to major charity galas, lecturing on Rivals' stage, painting live on Nobel night cap, and doing many collaborations and exhibitions. She also coaches and supports other artists and is passionate about the power of creativity.

Karin has written and published the book "Fearless - the art of living creatively," where she describes how she found her longing to live in art and the steps towards the dream that became a reality. The book has become very popular and sold over 1000 copies and has also been printed in English.


230513 - 230515 Gallery opening




84 X 104 CM


28 000 SEK


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