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Article: News from Birgitta Glenmark

Nyheter från Birgitta Glenmark

News from Birgitta Glenmark

Yesterday we received a refill of Birgitta Glenmark's fantastic art at the gallery and all new works are now also available in our online store.

"My painting is abstract. Colorful acrylic paintings on canvas. Colour and shape. Layer on layer. Light and darkness. Thin transparent fields of color that are allowed to spread across the canvas. Paintings that find their own way on the wet surface. Acrylic on canvas where the brush, the scraper seeks its own journey. The paintings are created from my tools. It can be scrapers, brush, hands. Previous layers determine the shape of the next expression.”

Birgitta Glenmark, born in 1957, is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Stockholm. In addition to being an artist, Birgitta works as a hand surgeon.

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Särskilda öppettider under jul- och nyårshelgerna

Special opening hours during the Christmas and New Year holidays

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, we have changed opening hours at the gallery. However, it is still great to book private viewings if you need to come on a day and time when we are actu...

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Nyheter från Matilda Bengtsson

Nyheter från Matilda Bengtsson

I lördags fick vi påfyllning av Matilda Bengtssons ljuvliga trädskulpturer i olika storlekar och modeller som nu finns att se på galleriet. Du hittar alla Matildas skulpturer här.

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