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Article: News from Linda Brodin

Nyheter från Linda Brodin

News from Linda Brodin

Last week we got a refill of Linda Brodin's fantastic art at the gallery and all the new works are now also available in the online store.

"Linda Brodin has always been interested in imagery and design, and values ​​the act of creation. Using sponges and acrylic paints, she creates paintings that embrace the possibility for the viewer to discover different emotions in her work.

Her paintings are characterized by earthy tones and deep skies, and recently also abstract landscapes. The motive and feeling is in the eye of the beholder.

Linda strives to convey a feeling that touches and to create harmony through her creations."

Here you can explore all of Linda's artwork.

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Nyheter från Tove Tengå

News from Tove Tengå

Earlier this week we finally got a refill of Tove Tengå's lovely ceramic sculptures in the classic colors white and black. All sculptures can be seen at Rörstrandsgatan 28 and you can find our o...

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Nyheter från Andreas Johansson

News from Andreas Johansson

Last Thursday we received two new, magnificent works of art by Andreas Johansson delivered to the gallery which measure 150 x 144 cm and 150 x 130 cm respectively. Here you can read more about And...

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