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Gunnar Haller

Gunnar Haller's artistic journey began with a fascination for geometric shapes, infusing them with vibrant colors and a focus on straight lines.

In the late 1970s, encountering abstract art in Paris, he was deeply inspired by Vassily Kandinsky's immense paintings, leading to a lifelong commitment to abstract art.

His art revolves around geometric forms, meticulously arranged to convey the joy of creating new paintings.

Since 1980, Gunnar has dedicated himself to an ongoing series of acrylic abstract paintings on paper, carefully sketched and rendered with acrylic paint and delicate sable brushes.

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Gunnar Haller
Magdalene Sale price$441.00
City of Joy
Gunnar Haller
City of Joy Sale price$441.00
Gunnar Haller
Sarek Sale price$382.00
Gunnar Haller
Rivera Sale price$382.00
Marrakesh Xpress
Follow the River
Saint Vincent
Gunnar Haller
Saint Vincent Sale price$773.00
Gunnar Haller
Martinique Sale price$773.00
Gunnar Haller
Daniel Sale price$382.00

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