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Gunnar Haller

Gunnar Haller became interested in art history in the mid-70s and borrowed every book on art available at the library in his hometown of Lidköping. He began with cave paintings and then continued through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque era, Impressionism, Cubism, and eventually the abstract art form that he paints today.

The first time Gunnar saw abstract paintings was at a museum in Paris in 1978, where they exhibited artworks by Vassily Kandinsky, and he was completely floored by these fantastic large-scale paintings. In 1980, Gunnar started painting abstract compositions and knew exactly what he wanted to achieve from an early stage. Geometric shapes, triangles, circles, and squares arranged like a collage. Acrylic paint on canvas and paper, large and small compositions. It became like an endless series of paintings that all connected in some way.

He has always been extremely consistent in his creation, even though he has also had periods of experimentation, but always geometrically abstract. Even after all these years, he still feels a dizzying joy for each new variant that emerges. In 1985, Gunnar had his first exhibition in Lidköping and has since exhibited his art about 40 times both in Sweden and internationally, including in New York in 1989-1990.

Gunnar Haller

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