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Abstract no.2382
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no.2382 Sale price$2,091.00
Abstract no. 2374
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no. 2374 Sale price$1,702.00
No Title (AJ 05)
Sold outNo.2322
Mimmi Hammar
No.2322 Sale price$1,702.00
Sold outAbstract no.2381
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no.2381 Sale price$1,896.00
No Title (LO 11)
Sold outNo Title (LO 12)
Hearts Garden
Chriso Springfeldt
Hearts Garden Sale price$1,896.00
Sold outNo Title (LO 01)
Sold outAbstract No. 2358
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2358 Sale price$1,702.00
No Title (LO 02)
No. 2323
Mimmi Hammar
No. 2323 Sale price$1,896.00
Abstract No. 2369
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2369 Sale price$1,896.00
Abstract No. 2378
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2378 Sale price$2,431.00
Sold outAbstract No. 2339
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2339 Sale price$1,702.00
Mimmi Hammar
No.2320 Sale price$1,896.00
Sold outNo Title (AJ 01)
Piece of a Puzzle
Live Your Story
Emma Malm
Live Your Story Sale price$1,459.00
Profiles In Discussion
Sold outNo Title (LO 04)
Sold outNo Title (LO 07)
Sold outAbstract No. 2334
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2334 Sale price$1,702.00
Sold outNo.2304
Mimmi Hammar
No.2304 Sale price$1,702.00
Abstract No. 2344
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2344 Sale price$1,702.00
Abstract no. 2341
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no. 2341 Sale price$1,896.00
Linda Brodin
Eternity Sale price$1,507.00
Sold outSwan
Linda Brodin
Swan Sale price$1,507.00
No. 2315
Mimmi Hammar
No. 2315 Sale price$973.00
Sold outNo.2317
Mimmi Hammar
No.2317 Sale price$1,896.00
Sold outNo.2318
Mimmi Hammar
No.2318 Sale price$1,896.00
Sold outLion No.2302
Tomas Hammar
Lion No.2302 Sale price$2,431.00
Sold outPortrait No.2316
Tomas Hammar
Portrait No.2316 Sale price$2,091.00
Sold outAbstract No. 2343
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2343 Sale price$1,896.00
Abstract no. 2376
Abstract no. 2377
Sold outNo Title (AJ 02)
Sold outNo Title (AJ 03)
Can You See My Hands?
Blue Prairie
Emilia Lindberg
Blue Prairie Sale price$875.00
Pink Prairie
Emilia Lindberg
Pink Prairie Sale price$875.00
Unguarded Dream
Emilia Lindberg
Unguarded Dream Sale price$3,792.00
Sunday Morning
Emilia Lindberg
Sunday Morning Sale price$3,306.00
Emma Malm
Charles Sale price$2,236.00
Sold outWaterfalls
Emma Malm
Waterfalls Sale price$2,528.00
Sold outEunry No.2
Jimmy Ralsmark
Eunry No.2 Sale price$1,313.00
Confetti No. 3
Jimmy Ralsmark
Confetti No. 3 Sale price$1,313.00
Sold outUnraveling
Jimmy Ralsmark
Unraveling Sale price$1,313.00