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Unguarded Dream

Sale price$3,815.00

Emilia Lindberg, a contemporary artist hailing from Stockholm, is determined to etch her name into the fabric of the art world. Fueled by an unwavering passion, she believes in the transformative power of art to turn dreams into reality.

In her art, Emilia predominantly portrays women, whether imagined or inspired by real-life muses. Drawing from her childhood experiences at the Royal Opera, where vibrant personalities, exquisite garments, and captivating art ignited her imagination, Emilia's paintings breathe life into her cherished dreams.

With each brushstroke, Emilia Lindberg captures the soulful essence of women, celebrating their strength, beauty, and profound influence. Her art becomes a testament to the remarkable power and enduring legacy of femininity.

"Unguarded Dream"

Original Artwork

100 x 140 cm

Acrylics and oil on canvas

Walnut frame

Unguarded Dream
Unguarded Dream Sale price$3,815.00

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