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Bonsaiträd (Bonsai Tree), Black Wire

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Matilda Bengtsson, born in 1985 and raised in Linköping, is now based in Stockholm, where she passionately practices her artistry. Working with metal wire, Matilda finds her inspiration in nature, meticulously sculpting and shaping hundreds, sometimes thousands, of meters of wire into vibrant depictions of the natural world.

Matilda's distinctive signature lies in her hand-twisted trees, each possessing its own unique character. Ranging in size from 3 cm to as tall as 80 cm, the focus often centers around the majestic oak tree, reminiscent of her grandfather's beloved oak. However, other trees also find their place in her creations.

While materials may vary, Matilda primarily utilizes black iron wire. Its raw, lifelike hue creates a sharp yet lively contrast in our predominantly bright Nordic homes. Her remarkable pieces have gained recognition, with representation in galleries across Sweden and Norway, showcasing her exceptional talent to art enthusiasts.

"Bonsaiträd (Bonsai Tree), Black Wire"

This sculpture comes in one standard size, and all of Matilda's sculptures are made to order, which sometimes makes the delivery time slightly longer than our usual lead times. 

Please note that the images are for illustrative purposes only, and all sculptures vary in form and appearance as they are handcrafted, making each piece unique.

36 cm - 14000 SEK

If you have any questions regarding Matilda's sculptures or if you wish to order a different size that we do not offer on our website - please do not hesitate to contact us at info@gallerihammar.se or +46 (0)8 731 92 00.

Bonsaiträd (Bonsai Tree), Black Wire
Bonsaiträd (Bonsai Tree), Black Wire REA-pris$1,362.00


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