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Article: New arrivals from Andreas Johansson

Nyheter från Andreas Johansson

New arrivals from Andreas Johansson

Last Thursday, we received two new magnificent artworks by Andreas Johansson delivered to the gallery, measuring 150 x 144 cm and 150 x 130 cm respectively. Here you can read more about Andreas and view all available pieces.

"Andreas Johansson was born in 1968 and raised in Luleå. Today, Andreas lives and works both in Österlen with a studio at the top of Bästekille Backar and in the north where he creates in his studio at a family farm in the small village of Gran, situated high with the inland forest at its back and a view over the valley where the Kåge River flows.

Andreas has always created images, starting with a camera in his hand before eventually swapping it for brushes and oil paints.

For over thirty years, he has transferred his emotions onto canvas, but it wasn't until 2020 that he chose to fully devote himself to art.

Andreas primarily paints in oil or acrylic. He chooses his color palette based on the winds blowing in his inner emotional landscape.

When painting in the studio in the special light of Österlen, his paintings are influenced by walks along the beaches and the sense of freedom he gets from the wide views. Light plays a central role. While the forests of the North draw him towards a richer color palette where nature is close.

With colors, Andreas connects his thoughts and feelings to create the experimental works that can be perceived as fantasies captured on the large canvases.

When he takes a brush in his hand, time and space disappear. His painting is colored by the tones flowing from the speakers, allowing them to guide him through the process in the artistic practice where he explores, discovers, and evolves. He doesn't name his works, set any boundaries but leaves it to the viewers to experience the paintings, to filter them through their own personal layers of all that makes them unique.

It's a language without words that more resembles listening to the tones of a beautiful piece of music or falling in love – it's something grand and captivating that is felt but is difficult to put into words."

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