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Jimmy Ralsmark

Jimmy Ralsmark creates emotional abstract paintings informed by his passion for color and dramatic composition. His paintings are created intuitively but are the result of a meticulous work process. The process is revealed through gestural brushstrokes and acrylic washes, creating depth and richness as the layers build. Subtle marks with charcoal are later embedded in the paint to guide the eye and balance the composition.

Every stroke and color choice is informed consciously and unconsciously, leaving room for chance but also for corrections until the final finished artwork has evolved as a balanced composition of color, value and texture.

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Blue In Green No.2
Sold outEarthy Colors No.8
Confetti No. 3
Jimmy Ralsmark
Confetti No. 3 Sale price$1,321.00
Sold outUnraveling
Jimmy Ralsmark
Unraveling Sale price$1,321.00
Sold outEunry No.2
Jimmy Ralsmark
Eunry No.2 Sale price$1,321.00

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