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Lennart Olausson

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Konstfack, Stockholm, 1961-65
Konstfack, Stockholm, 1966-71

Public art installations

Danderyd Hospital, 1982
Serafen's Health Centre, 1983-84
Subway Mariatorget, 1984
Nacka Hospital, 1985

Get to know Lennart Olausson

Lennart Olausson was born in Stockholm in 1944 and is one of Sweden's most prominent artists, with a long list of prestigious commissions and exhibitions to his credit since the beginning of his artistic career in the 1960s.

He has been represented at institutions such as the Nationalmuseum - Sweden's foremost museum for art and design, as well as Moderna Museet in Stockholm and the Swedish Public Art Agency. Over the years, he has received numerous awards and grants. He has also been published in books and magazines and has created several public art installations.


Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Swedish Public Art Agency, Stockholm
National, Regional, and Municipal Collections
The Swedish Public Art Association
Swedish Tax Agency
Employment Service Agency
1982, Danderyd Hospital
1983, Serafen Health Center
1984, Subway Paintings
1985, Nacka Hospital
Swedish Television


1966, Sweden's General Art Association Art Academy, Stockholm
1966, 1967, 1968, Liljevalch Art Gallery, Stockholm, Spring Exhibition
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Swedish Cartoonist
1968, Gallery Dr. Glas, Stockholm
1969, At Petra, Stockholm, Solo Exhibition
1969, Gallery Belle, Västerås, Solo Exhibition
1971, Eskilstuna Art Gallery, Eskilstuna
1971, Gallery Belle
Color&Form, Örebro
1973, Bollnäs Art Centre
1975, Gallery AE, Gothenburg, Solo Exhibition
Swedish Pictures Gallery, Stockholm, Solo Exhibition
Gallery Händer, Stockholm, Solo Exhibition
1985, Liljevalch Art Gallery, Stockholm, Graphic Society 75 Years
1985, Gallery Händer, Malmö, Solo Exhibition
1986, Stockholm's Free Art Fair, Stockholm
1988, Strängnäs Museum, Strängnäs
1989, Graphics Triennale, Stockholm
1990, Landskrona Konsthall, Landskrona, Solo Exhibition
Olle Olsson House, Separate Exhibition
Eskilstuna Art Museum, Separate Exhibition
1992, Graphics Triennale, Gothenburg
1995, Graphics Triennale, Luleå
1995, Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred
1997, Södertälje Art Gallery, Södertälje
1999, Olle Olsson House, Solo Exhibition
Norrköping Art Museum, Norrköping
Art Festival, Ribe
Sveagalleriet, Stockholm
Gothenburg Art Museum, Gothenburg
Stockholm Fair, Stockholm
Malmö Museum, Malmö
Artfair, Sollentuna
Several museums and galleries in London


Samlargrafik Publishing House, From Our Time Graphics, Lennart Olausson
Cosmic Homeland, A Book for Everyone, 1993
320 Graphics Publishing and Kjell Swärd, 1984


The State Work Grant
Axel Axelson Johnson

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