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13 april - 28 april 2024

Lennart Olausson separatutställning: ”Transcendent Echoes"

Lennart Olausson föddes i Stockholm 1944 och är en av Sveriges mest framstående konstnärer, med en lång rad prestigefyllda uppdrag och utställningar på sin meritlista sedan början av sin konstnärliga karriär på 1960-talet.

Han är representerad på bland annat Nationalmuseum - Sveriges främsta museum för konst och design, Moderna Museet i Stockholm samt Statens konstråd, och har genom åren mottagit ett flertal utmärkelser och stipendier. Han har även blivit publicerad i böcker och tidskrifter och har skapat ett antal offentliga konstinstallationer.

"Transcendent Echoes" blir Lennarts första separatutställning i Stockholm på över 20 år och består av en fantastisk kollektion av helt nya konstverk som aldrig tidigare visats för allmänheten.

Utställningen pågår mellan den 13-28 april med stort öppningsvernissage lördagen den 13 april kl.12-17.

Utställningen pågår:
Lördag 13 april - söndag 28 april

Lördagen den 13 april kl.12-17

Öppettider utställning:
Måndag: Stängt
Tisdag - fredag: 12:00 - 18:00
Lördag - söndag: 12:00 - 16:00

Adress: Rörstrandsgatan 28 (T-St:Eriksplan)

Tel: 08-731 92 00 / Sms: 070-777 38 49

Featured Artist

Tomas Hammar

Lennart Olausson was born in Stockholm in 1944 and is one of Sweden's most prominent artists, with a long list of prestigious commissions and exhibitions on his track record since the beginning of his artistic career in the 1960s.

He has been represented at, among others, the National Museum - Sweden's foremost museum for art and design, as well as the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and the Swedish Art Council, and has received numerous awards and scholarships over the years. He has also been published in books and magazines and has created a number of public art installations.

Featured Artist

Victor Ajayi

Born in Nigeria, Irish artist Victor Ajayi seamlessly blends realism with impressionistic elements, highlighting his passion for artistic storytelling.

From the age of 10, Victor has been fascinated by the world of art. Selling his creations professionally already at the age of 16, he began a self-taught journey that led him to specialize in charcoal and oil painting.

His artistic expression has developed and deepened as he has stepped into adulthood, reflecting a parallel maturity in both his creation and stories.

Each individual work of art weaves together a unique story characterized by mystery, melancholy and the appeal of escapism. Although portraits, figures and scenes form his main motifs, his creativity extends beyond traditional boundaries. His love for photography and film influences his art, where he creates enchanting worlds that transport the viewer to another dimension.

Victor's creativity is primarily driven by cinematographic inspiration, which is clearly seen in the way he plays with reflections, light and movement in each composition. His work captures moments of tension, like scenes from a paused movie.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Victor continues to create compelling stories and build complex worlds that invite viewers to explore and experience. His artistic journey is a testament to his dedication to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Featured Artist

Mathias Frykholm

Mathias Frykholm works full-time as an artist and loves to capture the beauty of the world through a realistic style in his paintings. Driven by a burning interest and strong passion, he has learned everything in the art of painting.

He often finds inspiration for his works in the surroundings of Värmland, but never knows when a potential motif may appear. Therefore, he always keeps his camera close at hand in order to quickly capture spontaneous moments that can inspire a new painting.

Featured Artist

Birgitta Glenmark

"My painting is abstract. Colorful acrylic paintings on canvas. Colour and shape. Layer on layer. Light and darkness. Thin transparent fields of color that are allowed to spread across the canvas. Paintings that find their own way on the wet surface. Acrylic on canvas where the brush, the scraper seeks its own journey. The paintings are created from my tools. It can be scrapers, brush, hands. Previous layers determine the shape of the next expression.”

Birgitta Glenmark, born in 1957, is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Stockholm. Alongside being an artist, Birgitta works as a hand surgeon.

Featured Photographer

Andreas Lundberg

Andreas Lundberg is a photographer based in Stockholm with a studio on Mariatorget, Södermalm. With the world as his workplace, he photographs commercially, editorially and also creates photo art. His work appears in advertising campaigns, magazines and books.

Andrea's art photographs are sold through exhibitions, galleries and auctions. All artworks are sold signed in a limited edition.

Featured Sculptor

Tove Tengå

Tove Tengå was born in 1984 and currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Clay is her primary material, and she is constantly experimenting to find her own techniques to work with.

Graphic design, illustrations and patterns are Tove's sources of inspiration. Her work is mainly abstract, which the viewer can freely interpret, but has a deeper meaning when you look closer.

Tove has been creating her signature sculpture The Knot since 2016, in various sizes, colors and patterns. The knot symbolizes the strong bonds we have in relationships. It can be relationships between a mother and a son, the relationship between a country or a religion, but also to our origins; nature. Bonds that are very hard to break.