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Featured Artist

Lennart Olausson

Lennart Olausson was born in Stockholm in 1944 and is one of Sweden's most prominent artists, with a long list of prestigious commissions and exhibitions on his track record since the beginning of his artistic career in the 1960s.

He has been represented at, among others, the National Museum - Sweden's foremost museum for art and design, as well as the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and the Swedish Art Council, and has received numerous awards and scholarships over the years. He has also been published in books and magazines and has created a number of public art installations.


News and updates

Nyheter från Tove Tengå

Nyheter från Tove Tengå

Earlier this week, we received a restock of Tove Tengås' delightful ceramic knots, which sold out quickly during the previous delivery earlier this summer. They are currently available in white ...

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Nyhetsbrev 230916

Nyhetsbrev 230916

This week, autumn has truly started to creep in here in Stockholm. The leaves have begun to change colors, the air is crisper, and just the other day, we woke up to temperatures barely reaching ...

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Nöjesguiden 230914

The entertainment guide 230914

The directors of Affordable Art Fair Stockholm were interviewed by the Swedish Entertainment Magazine Nöjesguiden yesterday and mentioned Mimmi Hammar as one of the participating artists at this y...

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Featured Artist

Linda Brodin

Linda Brodin has always been interested in imagery and design, cherishing the act of creation. Using sponges and acrylics, she creates paintings that resonate, embracing how viewers can discover various emotions within her works.

Linda's paintings are characterized by earthy tones and deep skies, and recently, abstract landscapes as well. The subject and emotion reside in the eyes of the beholder. Linda aims to convey a touch of emotion and to inspire harmony within her creations.


Exhibitions and art fairs


Christmas salon

A warm welcome at Julsalong the weekend of 16 - 17 December 2023. The exhibition takes place at Galleri Hammar, located in the heart of Birkastan on beautiful Rörstrandsgatan, at 12:00 - 16:00 b...

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mulled wine

A warm welcome at the glögg mingling weekend of December 2 - 3, 2023. Minglet takes place at Galleri Hammar, located in the heart of Birkastan on beautiful Rörstrandsgatan, at 12:00 - 16:00 both...

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Temautställning: Modern Minimalism

Theme exhibition: Modern Minimalism

A warm welcome to the themed exhibition "Modern Minimalism" on the weekend of 11 - 12 November 2023. The exhibition takes place at Galleri Hammar, located in the heart of Birkastan on beautiful ...

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Featured Artist

Mimi Hammer

Mimmi Hammar is a contemporary artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Interior and design have always played a significant role in Mimmi's life, which she channels into the minimalistic language of her art. Her work is characterized by subtle colors, clean lines, and modern designs.

With a keen awareness of shapes, colors, and the energy in her surroundings, Mimmi knew early on that she wanted to work in the creative field. Inspired by her husband, Tomas Hammar, she embarked on her art career in 2019 and is now a full-time artist in addition to her role as a Gallery Director at Galleri Hammar.

Featured Sculptor

Matilda Bengtsson

Swedish sculptor Matilda Bengtsson works with metal wire and draws her inspiration from nature. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of meters of wire are wound, shaped, and sculpted into various living natural motifs.

Matilda is mainly known for her trees, twisted by hand and each with its unique character. The size varies from 3 cm to up to 80 cm in height. She primarily makes oak trees, but other kinds of trees and animals also appear in her creations.

The material varies, but mostly black iron wire is used. With its rugged, lifelike shade, it creates a sharp, yet vibrant contrast in our often bright Nordic homes.

Featured Artist

Thomas Hammer

Tomas Hammar is an abstract and figurative painter from Stockholm, Sweden who finds inspiration throughout the daily random encounters and the own voice and expression of the creation process. His ambition is to achieve balance between color, luminosity and mathematical distance, but also to break it to create that beautiful contrast between harmony and chaos.

Tomas has exhibited both in Sweden and Europe and his work has been sold to more than 30 countries around the world in 5 different continents.