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Thomas Hammer

Tomas Hammar is an abstract and figurative painter from Stockholm, Sweden who finds inspiration throughout the daily random encounters and the own voice and expression of the creation process. His ambition is to achieve balance between color, luminosity and mathematical distance, but also to break it to create that beautiful contrast between harmony and chaos.

Tomas has exhibited both in Sweden and Europe and his work has been sold to more than 30 countries around the world in 5 different continents.

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Portrait no.2321
Tomas Hammar
Portrait no.2321 Sale price$2,103.00
Abstract no.2382
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no.2382 Sale price$2,103.00
Sold outAbstract no.2381
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no.2381 Sale price$1,908.00
Abstract no. 2380
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no. 2380 Sale price$1,712.00
Abstract no. 2379
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no. 2379 Sale price$1,908.00
Abstract No. 2378
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2378 Sale price$2,446.00
Abstract no. 2374
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no. 2374 Sale price$1,712.00
Abstract no. 2376
Abstract no. 2377
Abstract no. 2372
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no. 2372 Sale price$1,712.00
Abstract no. 2370
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no. 2370 Sale price$1,321.00
Sold outAbstract No. 2367
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2367 Sale price$1,712.00
Abstract No. 2369
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2369 Sale price$1,908.00
Sold outPortrait No.2316
Tomas Hammar
Portrait No.2316 Sale price$2,103.00
Sold outAbstract no. 2359
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no. 2359 Sale price$1,908.00
Abstract no. 2360
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no. 2360 Sale price$1,712.00
Abstract No. 2368
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2368 Sale price$1,712.00
Sold outLion No.2302
Tomas Hammar
Lion No.2302 Sale price$2,446.00
Sold outAbstract No. 2363
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2363 Sale price$1,712.00
Abstract No. 2362
Sold outAbstract No. 2361
Sold outAbstract no. 2242
Tomas Hammar
Abstract no. 2242 Sale price$1,908.00
Sold outAbstract No. 2358
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2358 Sale price$1,712.00
Abstract No. 2344
Tomas Hammar
Abstract No. 2344 Sale price$1,712.00

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