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Grandfather's Oak (Oak Tree), Black Wire
The Knot Original
Tove Tengå
The Knot Original Sale price$538.00
Grandpa's Oak (Oak Tree), Wall Sculpture, Brass
Dotted Circle Black
The Knot Brown/White Dot
Pine Tree, Brass
Matilda Bengtsson
Pine Tree, Brass Sale priceFrom $235.00
Pine Tree, Black Wire
Frank Olsson
Myrna Sale price$1,370.00
Bonsai tree (Bonsai Tree), Black Wire
Pine (Pine Tree), Wall Sculpture, Black Wire
Björk (väggskulptur) - Svartglödgad järntråd
The Line Original
Tove Tengå
The Line Original Sale price$734.00
The Knot Black
Tove Tengå
The Knot Black Sale price$538.00
Bergek - Svartglödgad järntråd
The Arch Black
Tove Tengå
The Arch Black Sale price$441.00
Björk - Svartglödgad järntråd
Björk (väggskulptur) - Mässingstråd
Sold outThe Knot Abstract
Tove Tengå
The Knot Abstract Sale price$538.00
Bergek (väggskulptur) - Svartglödgad järntråd
Bergek - Mässingstråd
Three Dots Black
Tove Tengå
Three Dots Black Sale price$167.00
Frank Olsson
Mystique Sale price$1,565.00
Grandfather's Oak (Oak Tree), Wall Sculpture, Black Wire
Birch (Birch Tree), Brass
Bergek (väggskulptur) - Mässingstråd
The BIG Knot Original
Grandfather's Oak (Oak Tree), Brass
The Line Black
Tove Tengå
The Line Black Sale price$734.00
Pine (Pine Tree), Wall Sculpture, Brass
Oak (Oak Tree), Black and Green Wire