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Victor Ajayi

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The Night Calls
Victor Ajayi
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Victor Ajayi
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“I create art through the lens of a filmmaker. Each piece begins with a vision, a story I want to tell. Like a director, I carefully select the right 'actors' who become my subjects, curate the wardrobe, compose the perfect scene, and meticulously control the lighting to convey the right emotions. The actual painting or drawing process represents only a fraction of the entire journey. Similar to the process of filmmaking, it involves extensive planning, editing, and condensing of ideas. The end result is an art that appears effortlessly crafted, mirroring the magic of cinema.”

- Victor Ajayi

Get to know Victor Ajayi

Born in Nigeria, Irish artist Victor Ajayi seamlessly blends realism with impressionistic elements, highlighting his passion for artistic storytelling.

From the age of 10, Victor has been fascinated by the world of art. Selling his creations professionally already at the age of 16, he began a self-taught journey that led him to specialize in charcoal and oil painting.

His artistic expression has developed and deepened as he has stepped into adulthood, reflecting a parallel maturity in both his creation and stories.

Each individual work of art weaves together a unique story characterized by mystery, melancholy and the appeal of escapism. Although portraits, figures and scenes form his main motifs, his creativity extends beyond traditional boundaries. His love for photography and film influences his art, where he creates enchanting worlds that transport the viewer to another dimension.

Victor's creativity is primarily driven by cinematographic inspiration, which is clearly seen in the way he plays with reflections, light and movement in each composition. His work captures moments of tension, like scenes from a paused movie.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Victor continues to create compelling stories and build complex worlds that invite viewers to explore and experience. His artistic journey is a testament to his dedication to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

“Cinema has taught me the power of Storytelling through visuals, and now my art becomes a storyteller”

“I look at creating art, like making a movie. Hundreds of hours of footage are edited and condensed. The movie is made to look like it was shot effortlessly. This is how art should be.”

"Every corner of the city is a canvas waiting to be painted, a story waiting to be told."

“Cinematography has always been a profound inspiration for my art. It's the realm of emotions, movement, and life itself. I'm drawn to the entire filmmaking process: pre-production, casting, set design, and the art of crafting a storyline. In my art, I embrace the role of a director, where every canvas becomes a one-framed movie. The beauty lies in having complete control, allowing me to tell stories on a smaller scale but with immense creative freedom.”

- Victor Ajayi

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