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Tove Tengå

Tove Tengå was born in 1984 and is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. Clay is her primary material, and she experiments with finding her own techniques to work with. Graphical design, illustrations, and patterns are her inspirations, and she looks for harmony, her own language, or feeling. Her work is primarily abstract, which the viewer can interpret freely, but it has a deeper meaning when you look closer.

She has made the sculpture The Knot since 2016, in different sizes, colors, and patterns. It has become her signature sculpture. The knot symbolizes the strong bonds we have in relationships. It can be relations between a mother and a son, the relation between a country or religion, but also to our origin; nature. Bonds that are very hard to break.

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The Knot Original
Tove Tengå
The Knot Original Sale price$537.00
The Line Black
Tove Tengå
The Line Black Sale price$732.00
The Knot Brown/White Dot
Dotted Circle Black
Three Dots Black
Tove Tengå
Three Dots Black Sale price$166.00
Sold outThe Knot Abstract
Tove Tengå
The Knot Abstract Sale price$537.00
The Line Original
Tove Tengå
The Line Original Sale price$732.00
The Knot Black
Tove Tengå
The Knot Black Sale price$537.00
The Arch Black
Tove Tengå
The Arch Black Sale price$440.00
The BIG Knot Original

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