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Birgitta Glenmark

Her painting is abstract. Colorful acrylic paintings on canvas. Color and shape. Layers upon layers. Light and darkness. Thin, transparent fields of color that spread across the canvas. Paintings that seek their own path on the wet surface. Acrylic on canvas where the brush, the scraper, seeks its own journey.

The paintings are created through her tools. It could be scrapers, brushes, hands. Previous layers determine the shape of the next expression.

Birgitta Glenmark (1957) lives and works in Stockholm. A self-taught artist. Alongside her artistic practice, Birgitta works as a hand surgeon.

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Can You See My Hands?
The Smiling Man
Blue Explosion
Birgitta Glenmark
Blue Explosion Sale price$2,543.00
Profiles In Discussion
Sold outAll Together Now
Piece of a Puzzle
Sold outBlack Way
Birgitta Glenmark
Black Way Sale price$587.00
Sold outWhite Mountain

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