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Article: New Arrivals from Linda Brodin

Nyheter från Linda Brodin

New Arrivals from Linda Brodin

Yesterday we received a restock of Linda Brodin's fantastic art at the gallery, and all the new pieces are now available in the online store as well.

"Linda Brodin has always been interested in visual language and design, valuing the act of creation. Using sponges and acrylic paints, she creates paintings that embrace the opportunity for the viewer to discover various emotions in her works.

Linda's paintings are characterized by earthy tones and deep skies, and recently, abstract landscapes as well. The subject and feeling are found in the eyes of the beholder. Linda aims to convey a sense that touches and to create harmony through her creations."

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Nytt originalkonstverk av Mathias Frykholm

New Original Artwork by Mathias Frykholm

Yesterday Mathias Frykholm's latest masterpiece, 'The Capital III', was delivered to us at Gallery Hammar. Mathias paints realistically with oil on canvas, and this piece measures 100...

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Nyheter från Matilda Bengtsson

New Arrivals from Matilda Bengtsson

Yesterday, we received a restock of Matilda Bengtsson's delightful tree sculptures in various sizes and models, which are now on display at the gallery. We also received a brand new m...

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