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Pine (wall sculpture) - Brass Wire

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Sale price2 400 kr

Matilda Bengtsson, born in 1985, grew up in Linköping but now practices her craft in Stockholm. She primarily works with metal wire, drawing inspiration from nature. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of meters of wire are wound, shaped, and sculpted into various lively nature motifs.

Matilda's main signature is trees, hand-twisted, each with its unique character. Sizes range from 3 cm to up to 80 cm in height. The oak tree - grandfather's oak - takes center stage, but other trees also feature in her creations.

The materials vary, but primarily she uses black iron wire. With its rugged, lifelike hue, it creates a sharp yet living contrast in our mostly light Nordic homes.


"Pine (wall sculpture) - Brass Wire"

23 cm - SEK 2,400
27 cm - SEK 3,900
30 cm - SEK 5,400
40 cm - SEK 6,900
50 cm - SEK 9,000


All of Matilda's sculptures are made to order, which may sometimes slightly extend the delivery time.

Please note that the images are for illustrative purposes only and that all sculptures vary in shape and appearance as they are handmade, making each piece unique.

If you have any questions about Matilda's sculptures or if you wish to order a size that we do not offer on our website, please contact us at or +46 (0)8 731 92 00.

Pine (wall sculpture) - Brass Wire
Pine (wall sculpture) - Brass Wire Sale price2 400 kr

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