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Mimmi Hammar, a contemporary artist residing in Stockholm, Sweden, brings her deep appreciation for interior design into the realm of art. Drawing inspiration from minimalistic aesthetics, Mimmi's work speaks a language of simplicity and elegance. Clean lines, subtle hues, and modern designs define her artistic style.

Having always possessed a heightened sensitivity to shapes, colors, and the energy surrounding her, Mimmi felt a strong calling to pursue a creative path. Encouraged by her husband, Tomas Hammar, she embarked on her artistic journey in 2019, and today she thrives as a full-time artist alongside her role as the Gallery Director at Galleri Hammar. Through her art, Mimmi invites viewers to embrace the beauty of understated sophistication and discover the harmonious interplay of form and function.


Original Artwork

81 x 100 x 3 cm

Acrylics on natural linen canvas

White chalked oak wood frame (Other options are available, contact us for more information)

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