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No Title (AJ 05)

Sale price39 000 kr

Andreas Johansson was born in 1968 and raised in Luleå. Today, he lives and works both in Österlen, with a studio atop Bästekille Backar, and in the north, where he creates in his studio on the family farm in the small village of Gran, nestled high with the inland forest at his back and views over the valley where the Kåge River flows.

Andreas has always created images, initially with a camera in hand before transitioning to brushes and oil paints. For over thirty years, he has transferred his emotions onto canvas, but it wasn't until 2020 that he fully committed to art.

Andreas primarily paints in oil or acrylic, selecting his color palette based on the winds blowing through his emotional landscape. In the special light of Österlen, his paintings are imbued with the walks along the beaches and the freedom he feels from the expansive views. Light plays a central role. Meanwhile, the forests of the north draw him to a richer color palette where nature is close.

With colors, Andreas connects his thoughts and feelings, creating experimental works that can be perceived as fantasies captured on large canvases.

When he holds a brush, time and space vanish. His painting is colored by the tones flowing from the speakers, guiding him through the artistic process of exploration, discovery, and evolution. He doesn't title his works or set boundaries, leaving it to the viewers to experience the paintings, to filter them through their own personal layers of uniqueness.

It's a language without words, more akin to listening to the tones of a beautiful piece of music or falling in love – something grand and captivating that is felt but difficult to articulate.


"No Title (AJ 05)"

Original artwork

150 x 144 cm

Linseed oil on canvas


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No Title (AJ 05)
No Title (AJ 05) Sale price39 000 kr

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