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No Title (AJ 06)

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Born in 1968 in Luleå, Norrbotten, Andreas Johansson is a captivating artist who paints with the rhythm of music flowing through his veins. His brush dances swiftly across the canvas, filling the studio with the fragrance of linseed oil and balsam turpentine. Andreas paints intuitively, unveiling landscapes that encompass both the external and internal realms. Nature, with its revelations in Norrland's dark forests, roaring wilderness rivers, and Österlen's light, is an unending source of inspiration. Andreas merges thoughts and emotions with oil paints, creating experimental works that capture fantastical visions on large canvases. It's a journey of emotions and exploration—a language without words.

"No Title (AJ 04)"

Original Artwork

205 x 130 cm

Linseed oil on canvas, unframed

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No Title (AJ 06)
No Title (AJ 06) Sale price$3,457.00

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