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The Knot Abstract

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Tove Tengå, a Stockholm-based artist born in 1984, channels her creative expression through clay, continuously pushing the boundaries of her chosen medium. With a passion for graphical design, illustrations, and patterns, she draws inspiration from these disciplines, seeking to create harmonious compositions that speak her own unique artistic language and evoke emotive responses. Tove's abstract works invite viewers to interpret them freely, offering a sense of freedom and personal connection. Upon closer examination, her pieces reveal deeper layers of meaning, carrying profound significance.

Since 2016, Tove has been crafting her signature sculpture, "The Knot," in various sizes, colors, and patterns. Symbolizing the unbreakable bonds that exist in relationships, whether familial, societal, or rooted in nature, this powerful symbol resonates with the enduring connections we share. Tove Tengå's artistic journey explores the interplay between form, texture, and symbolism, inviting viewers to reflect upon their own connections and the profound beauty of human interaction.

"The Knot Abstract"

Ceramic sculpture, abstract black and white bold lines

Height: generally between 20-35 cm

These images are for illustrative purposes only, and all sculptures vary in size and appearance as they are handcrafted, making each piece unique. No two sculptures are ever exactly the same.

Please note that this artwork is only available for sale at our physical gallery located at Rörstrandsgatan 28 in Stockholm. For more information or purchase inquiries, please contact us at


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