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Emma Malm, a 35-year-old contemporary artist, is renowned for her vibrant modern portraits and animal artworks inspired by human beauty, life, and colors. With recognition from numerous Stockholm art galleries, she is an emerging talent based in Stockholm, Sweden, who has also lived and painted in London. Art has been an integral part of Emma's life from an early age. She has explored various styles and techniques but currently favors acrylics, larger canvases, and colorful themes with metallic accents. Her subjects, delicate and alluring female figures, exude energy and determination. Through her impressionism-pop art genre, she infuses bright and fashionable colors, giving each portrait a unique soul. In her recent works, she embraces more uncertainty, allowing the figures to integrate seamlessly with the vibrant color palette. Emma also ventures into clay and sculpture, expanding her artistic expressions.


Original Artwork

140 x 160 cm

Acrylics on canvas, unframed

Please note that this artwork is only available for sale at our physical gallery located at Rörstrandsgatan 28 in Stockholm. For more information or purchase inquiries, please contact us at

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