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Frank Olsson's motto is to always try new ideas and be open to new opportunities. Mobility - always moving forward - never stopping.

The interest in painting has always been close, as long as he can remember. Quickly scribbled sketches, ideas, and thoughts, which during the bright hours of the day take on color and form. Results that are often surprising and unprepared.

Clay, which then becomes bronze, steel, glass, or some other material. Simple sensual lines with strict graphic reliefs where the shadows create the colors. No unnecessary details - the feeling is essential.

Since 1978, Frank has continuously held exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. Today, his works are scattered across companies, institutions, and private collections in Sweden and around the world. His studios are located in Dalarö in the Stockholm archipelago, where one can see and follow the process.




53 cm

Edition: 54

Mixed media


Frank's sculptures are only available at our physical gallery located at Rörstrandsgatan 28 in Stockholm. Please contact us at for purchase inquiries and more information about various shipping options.

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