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Andreas Lundberg

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"Betty was very beautiful. She grew up in a family with values from another era. She was strictly controlled and limited in what she did and who she could meet.
At 21, she won a beauty pageant. It was widely known that there lived a beautiful girl at the prestigious Manor. The military personnel at the nearby airbase knew about her. A pilot often flew past the estate to impress Betty. She also sought validation. Betty never got her fighter pilot and chose to live alone for the rest of her life.
It was 11:08. Betty heard the sound of the fighter jet approaching. She hurried to the window to see the silver-colored jet dive from the sky towards her window. In a fleeting moment from afar, she hoped he would see her."

Get to know Andreas Lundberg

Andreas Lundberg is a photographer based in Stockholm with a studio at Mariatorget, Södermalm. With the world as his workplace, he photographs commercially, editorially, and also creates photographic art. His work is featured in advertising campaigns, magazines, and books.

Andreas' fine art photographs are sold through exhibitions, galleries, and auctions. All artworks are sold signed in a limited edition.

"Lalla had no plans of becoming a housewife. She dreamed of a more equal society where women had the right to vote and the right to work professionally. During the late 19th century and into the new c
ntury, women dominated photography in Sweden. It was a new profession not burdened by the guild system of the past. Photography enabled Lalla to support herself.
Her name was displayed in large letters above the entrance to her studio. Customers were plentiful. Families, newlyweds, and royalty. Lalla portrayed them all with symmetry and perfection.
Like many other female photographers, Lalla never married. She loved her craft. And she loved her freedom too."

Silent Stories

Silent Stories is an art project created by Andreas Lundberg and Annie Vesterdahl Lundberg. Andreas is a photographer with a background in advertising, fashion, and documentary photography. Annie is a hairdresser, makeup artist, and also a stylist in the project.

Each piece is inspired by a true story or life experience. Andreas and Annie have interpreted these stories in their own way, sometimes changing the time period and location. The creative process is often long and exciting, involving a constant search for stories they can fantasize about. Hundreds of sketches are drawn and refined until they eventually become a photograph.

The Silent Stories art project began in 2016 and is still active. Each piece is signed and numbered in a limited edition. The story that inspired it is attached to the back.

"Hilma fell seriously ill as a child and lost the ability to walk. She grew up and lived her entire life with her five sisters at Upperud Manor. She was deeply religious and meticulously managed the estate's bookkeeping.
When World War II broke out, a high-ranking military officer visited Upperud. Hilma was sitting in her wheelchair in the salon on the second floor. When she spotted the man in uniform, she said, 'You are a handsome gentleman, what is your position?' The military officer replied, 'I am a captain in the Air Force.' Hilma then said, 'If our Lord had wanted you to fly, he would have given you wings.'
Hilma's last wish was to be buried with her crutches."

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